Our Workforce


Pawan Kateja - The Executioner

Handles production & on Ground Work

Pawan ensures that expectations of the clients are met. He is quintessentially workaholic and has earned the accolade of being one of the most trustworthy figures in the industry. Sounds like Self appreciation? Well, we don’t mind rolling out all those adulatory words for him as he always manages to clinch perfect jobs with unclenching flawlessness. He doesn’t spam people with junk mails and trouble with cold solicitation calls. Instead he enjoys a friendly and strong relationship with our Ivy League clients. He carries the company’s pride with an element of zeal and enthusiasm. Style, elegance and Suave are three words that are extremely close to his virtues and qualities.

Santosh Kateja - The Admin Directeur

Administration Head

Our leader, innovator and source of Inspiration. Anyone can be a leader but not everyone can become an inspirational source of figure. Whether getting things done appropriately or supervising or even making sure that any miniscule goof ups don’t creep up, our charming and elegant Directeur will ensure every single strand of an event is in order. He is like a chameleon who can change according to situations. Santosh can be found loitering around on our web pages, servers, social media widgets and fidgets on god knows what.

Manish Kateja - Techno Prod

Technical Head - Events

There are various elements that constitute an event. Handling all these aspects might not be everyone's cup of tea. Here is where our Techno Prodigy Manish comes in as a Technical Messiah for us. He harbours a clear vision that can easily steer any crucial juncture back to normalcy. No one is immune to mistakes. But we avert possible upcoming delays / constraints and difficulties. With all the oomph and oolalala, your sensual sensibilities will fall down before our Tittilator’s Tempting Trap. Such is the magnitude and quality of our Artists and performers. Your wish is our Testament! And Manish makes it all the more interesting and productive by garnering a synergized environment. He recreates a stimulatory fantasy world and designs your preferred event theme with his creativity.


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